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Current 12" - Dengar, Zuckuss, & Impy

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Boba Binks:
I picked up the three new 12" at Meijers the other day. I am really happy with the Dengar and Zuckuss. The Imp. Officer is just a guy in a grey suit that looks like Chief Bast.

The quality and detail is getting better with each set of new 12" that come out. I have every single one that has been released so far.
To bad I can't really enjoy them all out on display due to the amont that have been made so far.

I can't wait for the next wave!

So what do you think of the latest wave of 12"?

We have not received the new figures up here in Canada.

From the pictures I have seen, Dengar and Zuckuss are on my list.  Glad you got them.  :)

I grabbed all 3 myself, I like ZuKuss and Dengar. The hans are getting better on the 12" too. I think I am going to pass on the next 12" wave though :-\

I too have picked up these 3 figures and found them to be very well  sculpted.  I think Dengar and Zuckuss  go rather well with the other bounty hunters  :)

Iwant them but have to wait til I see them on sale.  :-[


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