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Anyone else remember this show which (sporadically) aired four-to-five years ago on NBC?

I watched it when I could back then, and really liked it.

And now, after several years of internet petitions and such, it's finally getting released on DVD this month--in both a $50 six-disc set, and in a limited $120 eight-disc set, packaged as a yearbook from the high school from the show.  

I have heard so many good things so far about these sets--I've got the regular set ordered from Amazon, and am really looking forward to going through all 18 episodes over the next few weeks.

Fantastic, underappreciated series--both for this guy:

and for the Star Wars references scattered throughout (the show is set in 1980--and it feels like about that long since I've seen an episode. . .)

Anyone else like/love this show?

Jesse James:
I used to watch it, but didn't religiously.  The Gym episodes were so hauntingly realistic...  Uh, not for me of course, I was an athletic god, and stuff.   ;D

It was underappreciated, and part of the show's problem was that it was on at like 8 on a Friday wasn't it?  Old people watch shows at 8 on Friday...  And well, freaks and geeks.   :-\

I really liked that show and am happy to see it comming out on DVD. I watched it whenever I could find it on. And for me it also seemed like some parts were from my high school days as well.

We used to watch this show, although somewhat sporadically as well.  My wife was actually the one who watched it first, and just when we starting enjoying it, it was gone.  As it was said, it was unappreciated....and probably the product of bad scheduling.  That seems to happen to a lot of good shows anymore.

I thought it was the best show on television back when it aired. I couldn't believe they took it off. I even signed one of those bogus online petitions to get  it back on the air. What a great show. I will be making this purchase for sure.


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