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Although the recent figures (most of 2004) have been pretty great so far, there are always a few figures that not everyone is fond of.  I was curious which (if any) figures you have passed on this year, or ones that you might leave on the pegs that are coming up.  I guess for completists this isn't an option, but maybe there are some that you don't feel as good purchasing and you're buying just to stay complete.  So far, of the 2004 figs the only figure I have passed on is the Hoth Trooper...but I have considered picking it up because I plan on getting most everything else (outside of re-releases).  I'm not a completist by any means, but if I'm only a figure short of having the whole she-bang, I might consider it.

At the end of last year,  I also passed on (or missed) Tatooine Padme, Ackh Med-Beq, Ayy Vida, Elan Sleazebaggano, Deluxe/Ultra Jango and Obi, re-releases, and most of the regular Clone Wars line (and ships).  I have Anakin, Yoda, the ARC trooper, and one SA Clone from that line.  I also passed on the Geonosian War Room scenes, due to space at the time.  Anyways, anything you have been unhappy with or passed on lately?

I wish I would have passed on Ayy Vida, Ackh Med, and the second Dignitary. I've had them for months, and I haven't even opened them yet.

I'll have to look to see what I've passed on.   With Hasbro giving the collectors what they want this year, I think I've picked up everything in the basic and Ultra line.  I passed on all Animated Clone and Clone War figures.  I've passed on all re-releases.   As far as basic figures go, I'll have to dig back to see what I've passed on.  I probably would have passed on the Tie Fighter Pilot (since I already have so many) but I hadn't seen a new figure in a while, so I went ahead and got that as well.

I've pretty much stayed away from some of the rereleases, but I like most of the figures...I would say the things that I have passed on are the things that I have not seen...

Figures I've passed on?

Um...  Well...  Uh...  That would be... none.  My OCD causes me to collect every last one of 'em.   :-[  If they're just re-released (recarded) figures, I obviously only need one of them for the carded collection, since I've already got a loose (and carded) one from that figure's previous release.  Hate that recarded crap, but of course, I've got nobody to blame but myself for collecting them (and Hasbro, just a little, for rereleasing them).

But when the OTC era rolls around, I will anxiously and happily grab every recarded issue they put out in that line, since the packaging is so damned beautiful!   8)


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