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Re: Star Wars Celebration conventions 1, 2 & 3...
« Reply #15 on: May 16, 2004, 12:47 PM »
At around six fourty, on the morning of Friday, May third 2002. I looked at my whatch and cleverly deduced that I could get up. Now this entire series of events are vauge to me, as the rest of the day is what's important. Well long story short we set off from the room at around seven o'clock in the morning. While me and my father were trudging down the hall (you know that walk when you're really tired and you're just trying not to fall and cause a great calamity for any unfortunate person around you?) we ran into a particuarly large guy I had met last night. He called me Palpatine or something, since the night befour I had gushed about him being my favorite character. I retorted by saying 'Mandalorian boy' since he really liked Boba.

As we got into the car I was still really tired and it didn't help that the sun was obnoxiously glaring me down, I tried my best not to look into it, and I *skillfully* succeded. When we got to the convention centre there must have been well over a 300 people in line already. I quickly got in line and remarked how cool this one guy in a Carnor Jax costume was. I stood there for around twenty five minuets (My dad went to go park the car) then the retards who were running the event informed us that this line was for the fanclub only. Now if I was as mature as I am today I probably would have screamed out various curses at the imbicile, however seeing as how I was only 12 I let it slide and preceded to walk around the convention center with my dad who had just caught up.

As we and about a scattered group of around 20 with us walked around the convention area, moral was low. No one knew where the hell the non FC line was. The journey around the RCA Dome was a treachorous one as the group was muddy and the sun was still glaring. Then about 20-30 minutes later the staggering group walked into the line.

The line sucked, it was so boring. We weren't very social I can tell you that. Now as time went on there were applauses for the people dressed in costume, especially Thrawn (must have been alot of EU fans) but the largest applause came when Anthony Daniels came down. It was as though Jesus himself came down and started handing out free food.

Fastfoward to about an hour or so later and we were finally getting inside, I was pleased to see the 501st had indeed brought alot of people, but I was more pleased that I was getting in. We walked over to where you buy the passes and then BAM I had a three day pass to the event. My dad gave me about, I think 100? dollars and let me go, I had the cell phone (at the time all we had was a really 'cool' 1997 infinity cell phone, that didn't work most of the time) and so I set off.

My first stop was ofcourse the dealer room. Armed with cash I preceded to uy the following from the vendors: Dooku, Taun We, Mace Windu and a couple of clone troopers. I walked the dealer room for most of the day actually, and let me say you get no respect from dealers when you're a kid wereing a flopy hat. Oh and I had brilliantly decide not to take a shower that morning (it's a con, hardly anyone smells 'nice') but then around 11 I went to the SW Trilogy in thirt munutes show, not only was it hilarous, it also ate up valuable time. By this time I was hungry so I settled for the little bag of chips that came with the pass (those things were so very cool!). I sat at a table and read the art of AOTC that I had purchesed. Oh and let me add that the people at suncoast were really friendly.

After my 'lunch' I went to Nuib's diorama thingy, were he misclassified me as a girl. Yep that's write I got called a girl, by nuibnuib. I can't blame him, I had a hat on, I had ong hair, and had fat boobs. Anyway I sucked at making the buildings so I left.

I called my dad to pick me up and then, along with my sister picked me up and we left. I was so happy about my finds, but was more pleased that I was going to White Castle. After eating there we returned to the hotel where I took a nap. My family went out to Olive Garden that evening, but I was so tired I stayed back and went to sleep. However like so many times you try to sleep you can't. So when I awoke I turned on a special episode of the Simpsons. I was elated that it mentioned USC (south carolina mind you) and my football team the Gamecocks. But after it ended I went back to sleep and remained that way for the remainder of the night.

Up next: Day three in the great adventures of C2.
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Re: Star Wars Celebration conventions 1, 2 & 3...
« Reply #16 on: May 17, 2004, 11:11 AM »
Do you guys think they will bring back the Star Wars Museum for C3?
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