Author Topic: Voting for a 4 pack  (Read 4198 times)

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Re: Voting for a 4 pack
« Reply #15 on: May 5, 2004, 10:09 AM »
I'm definitely down for a 4-pack of SA Clones! Hasbro would sell as many of these as they make. There could also be a few different kinds...

4-Pack #1: 4 white clones. This would ship the most, and would be packed with future 4-pack variations.

4-Pack #2: 1 Yellow, 3 White

4-Pack #5: 1 Red, 3 White

4-Pack #3: 2 Blue, 2 White

4-Pack #4: 2 Green, 2 White

Include the long Clonetrooper rifles, and maybe some binocs. Also, for a pack-in, Hasbro could give us accurately scaled gunship pods. Honestly, this is what they should have done for the Clone Wars line, and given us a similar 4-pack line-up for Battledroids.

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