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New Han, Lando Skiff Guard & AT-ST Driver...

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Hasbro has put up their preview pictures of the new 12" Han Solo, Lando Skiff Guard and AT-ST Driver.  You can see their complete story here.  I don't do the 12" line any more myself, but that Lando looks pretty nice with his Skiff Guard helmet on.  And does anyone else notice a startling resemblance between the AT-ST Driver and a certain former Tonight Show host?!  (check out this close up)  :D

Hasbro says these figures are due out March 10th.  So, what do you guys think of 'em?

Han's OK I guess. Lando look's great. Must keep an eye out for him.
As for the AT-ST Driver, almost looks like him.
Though I think they should have made a figure of this guy instead.   ;D

 ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D :P

Gonna grab smooth talking Lando for sure and maybe the At-st driver, should look decent with his shades on. Problably wait for Han to drop in price big time. Is it just me being picky or are the 12" line getting worse as time progresses? Dooku is cool but the new anikan , padme and leia/carbonite look like Ken and Barby.

Guess I have seen too many Dragon Figures and expect too much from a little company like Hasbro :)

Yes, bring on Butch!  But I'd rather have you're lovely little character instead Dale (inside Survivor joke everyone).

Upon further review of some new pictures of these three 12"ers, I say this:

I don't remember Han towering over Lando like that.  He's WAY taller.  Odd.

Does the Johnny Carson AT-ST Driver remind anyone else of Dark Helmet from Space Balls when his huge helmet is on?!  :D

...and the lower portion of Lando's Skiff Guard helmet doesn't seem adjustable, which is a shame since the bottom part seems way too high - almost like it's attached to the helmet's visor.  Won't even be able to see Lando's eyes...

But what do I care, I don't even collect the 12" line any more...  :-\

I have been pretty impressed with the Imperial 12" figures lately, anyone else?


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