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12" 2-1B and Lobot

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My overseas source has told me that Hasbro had planned a new 12" 2-1B and Lobot for release for later this year.  As of now though it appears the entire regular 12" line is in complete limbo.  The other thing is that the new OTC 12"ers has pushed this wave off into next year sometime.  Seeing the shelves chock full of 12" figures to me means that I don't think its going to happen and the 12" line may be dead

Lobot's Duplex lives.  Maybe?  

What's sitting on the shelves Scott?  I presume the more recent waves are not.  Biker Scouts are a pain for sure and I know Jim is having a hard time with the Jawas, Garindan and classic Ben.  Yoda has moved well also as far as I know.  

Presumably the material sitting is PT stuff and poorer sellers.  Are the remaining recent bounty hunters sitting around right now?  Clearanced?  I know the imperial officer looks like crap, at least IMO.  

I've never been a huge fan of 12", so it really won't mean much to me.  Other than the utter dismay that will set in if the duplex doesn't get another resident :-\

My local TRU has a ton of Episode II stuff as well as buttloads of the Lando Skiff Wave  The Biker Wave was barely released and the same goes for the Jawa wave.  Something isn't right here

I still have been unable to find that 12" Biker Scout.  Oh well I guess.   >:(

Hey waht about a 12" FX-7, that's one figure there needs to be made


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