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500th commemorative figure... Vader?

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It's been quite a while since I've really bothered figuring out where we stand on the total number of basic carded figures to date, just in case Hasbro wanted to surprise us with something cool similar to the 300th Fett from the POTJ line a couple years ago.  So I've put together some rough numbers here, with a few debatable figures and sublines, I'm sure.  I'll try to notate some of those issues at the end here, so you guys can comment and maybe we can come to a general consensus as to where we really stand.

But by my count here, it looks like #500 will actually be the very last Saga figure this year - one of the Bespin figures.  Pull out the questionable Star Tours and animated Clone Wars line though, and you wind up with #500 being somewhere in the middle of the OTC run.  Perhaps Hasbro could instead do a #500 for just the modern era though, which would obviously be a bit further down the line.  So without further ado, here's my preliminary breakdown, based on some quick research.  It's by no means dead-on accurate, I'm sure - so feel free to give me your numbers, and answers to my questions below, so we can make any adjustments to this list, as necessary.  I'll try to break these down as much as possible, just to help further isolate any potential issues or inconsistencies.

Basic Carded Figures:

Vintage - 96
Droids - 13
Ewoks - 6
POTF2 - 82
SOTE - 5
EU - 9
Flashback - 11
Commtech - 9
Episode 1 - 50
POTJ - 58
Star Tours - 9
Saga - 121
HOF - 12
CW regular - 11
CW animated - 8
VOTC - 12 (upcoming)
OTC - 38 (upcoming)
Total - 550

Here's some notes on what I did and didn't include.  Feel free to discuss them!

- Episode 1 - included all 4 Battle Droid variants (clean, dirty, shot, slashed)
- POTJ - included clean and dirty Biker Scout, plus the 300th (boxed) Fett
- Saga - included both head variants for the RFT and IO
- Clone Wars (regular) - includes Red ARC Trooper
- Exclusives - I didn't include any of the Silver anniversary figures, or Jorg Sacul
- I suppose the inclusion of both the Star Tours and the animated Clone Wars figures is up for debate, but I've included them for now.  I also hate to include the stupid vintage Ewoks and Droids lines, but since Hasbro included them for the 300th Fett figure count, I suppose they should be in here too.

Speaking of #500, what would you guys want to potentially see as a figure for this special occassion, should Hasbro actually do something?  Me, I'd say it's got to be an "ultimate" figure, with the most amazing detail, accuracy, articulation, and accessories.  I'm probably thinking either a Tatooine or Jedi Luke, with ALL the fixin's.  Yeah, I know we've had a million Tatooine Lukes already, and we also just got a couple Jedi ones too, but I'd love to get some cool $10 box set here, with a ton of stuff.  A Tatooine Luke similar to the special 100th 12" figure Luke, that came with like a bazillion accessories, pretty much covering him from the entire ANH movie.  Or a Jedi Luke, with enough removable clothing parts, interchangeable hands, and accessories to cover his entire ROTJ role.  Either one of those would be very cool with me.  Rumblings of a 500th Vader are also floating around the net as well.  I think I could handle that figure too!

So, what do you guys think?  What are your numbers on where we stand, and who would you like to get as a figure?  Think Hasbro will actually do something again, or just blow it off?  I think I recall GH running a poll on this topic this last month, so hopefully they're on to something over there, and that a commemorative 500th carded figure is indeed on the way!   8)

Should be close, I had read somewhere that the Episode III figures would be about the time of Mister 500.  Vader seems like a lock

Vader sure seems like a shoe-in. But man, that is the last figure we honestly need another of at this point. The VOTC version is pretty close to locking an ultimate version, except for a removable helmet.

How about an ultimate Biker Scout with Speederbike in a nice windowbox?

Id like an SA Clone style figure that can look good in a neutral standing position and still be able to ride a speeder. If that can happen, and the bike is an OT paintjob with the updated (correct) handles, Id be pleased as punch. As happy as a clam. Like a pig in

If the rumors pan out what do you want to see in a 500th Figure Special Super Duty Vader?


Removable 2 Piece Helmet
Ball Joint Shoulders
Ball Joint Elbows
Ball Joint Knees
Ball Joint Ankles
Soft Goods Cape
Wrist Articulation

Meditation Chamber

Go All out on this sucker and make it a mini diorama from ESB

Anything else?  Perhaps light up effects on his control box or a battery operated hissing sound (like the 1st Saga R2 beep)?

I'd like everything Scott has listed PLUS:

Figure Features:
Detachable forearm

A second "clean" Anakin (Hayden) head
full Lightsaber plus Hilt-only saber
Mini-Holo Emperor (like the one with Dooku)

CommTech chip with the following ESB Phrases:
"What is thy bidding, my Master?"
"All too easy..."
"Impressive... most impressive, but you are not a Jedi yet."
"I am your Father"

FreezeFrame slide with Carbon Freeze Vader shot.

Flashback Photo with Vader/Ep3 Hayden

Not too much to ask for, is it?  8)



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