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New movie coming out in 2 weeks, book 6 in the works, its an exciting time in Potterland

I've seen a few different trailers of Azkaban and it looks amazing.  Much better than the last two both of which I thought were rather well done

My one criticism of the books is that the first three stories are almost all identical in their plotlines and I see the same thing in the movies.  With Goblet and she broke the mold and it will be VERY interesting to see how they handle Goblet on the big screen

Well, since no one's biting on your thread...I'll chime in.  I like the books - I'm reading the 5th one now.  The movies are okay, but I think the second one was a little slow...  I'm looking forward to the new one and think the movies won't really start getting good until the fourth - which is the best book by far (keeping in mind I'm only 200 pages into book 5).

Williams score for the new movies sounds fantastic, love that little choir piece that has been in most of the trailers

Man, I'm psyched as all hell about Azkaban.  It's by far my favorite of the books, and the movie looks awesome.  I've got my tix, and I can't wait...

I like the HP movies, but my ADD doesnt allow me to read the books.

I probably won't see this one until the DVD though.  I just have no interest in seeing movies in the theater anymore, especially one where screaming, unrestrained, and undisclipined children will be crawling alll over the theater.


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