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yehaw my set of dogma figs arrived today.
Bartelby and loki are awesome as is the golgothan.
But Jay and silent bob need an asrael figure to be shooting at!!
overall awesome wave.
can't wait for series 4 jay n silent bob strike back

The Golgothan is awesome. I love it.

The C.L.I.T. seems to be whats next, and probably Bluntman and Chronic.

These are just toooo cool

The black and white figures are available again. I just found them at Suncoast and picked them up.

I finally got my slack butt into gear and ordered series 4 and quite frankly they rock hard.
The girls have a little bit of trouble standing but other than that small problem they are pretty cool.
Chasing Amy seems like a strange choice for series 5 when there are still plenty of characters from the other movies they still need to do.

Series 4

All current ones minus that dam Kevin Smith exclusive figure.


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