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Clone Wars Season 2 coming!

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Season 2?

More Clone War Cartoons
Wed, Jun 02, 04 09:08:15 AM EDT

Princess Leia tells us that 20 new Clone Wars episodes are signed for and will debut in the Spring of 2005, just prior to the release of Episode III. We would speculate that the animators will get to see the final movie at a screening shortly and develop the plot closely tied to the new movie. We're also hearing that a Clone Wars DVD release is a pending announcement, though we're not sure if both "seasons" will be included or first only. More soon!

Snively Bandar:
That's pretty cool news, if it pans out.  Took me a while to warm up to the whole CW idea, but after watching the first set of cartoons, I'm definitely up for some more.  Hopefully that means they'll put a few more of the animated figures out as well, since there's still some glaring holes in that collection that I'd love to fill.

Clone Wars Lives!

Giddy Up
Great news can't wait that long though!!!


--- Quote from: I Love Kobe Bryant! on June  8, 2004, 10:40 PM ---Clone Wars Lives!

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Cool news, now that it's official!  The only real constructive criticisms that I heard on Season 1 was the brief running time, so it's nice to see they listened to the fans and adjusted that to five 12 minute episodes, instead of the twenty 3 minute episodes.  I probably would've been a little happier with ten 6 minute episodes though, since only five episodes seems a little too quick.  Same thing though...

Looking forward to them.  Hope they don't go too overboard with that lame Grievous character though!  Hopefully a complete DVD of all the episodes, and another wave or two of the animated figures isn't too far behind...   8)


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