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Boy, Collecting Sports Cards Has Changed...

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I used to be pretty big into collecting baseball, football, and basketball cards growing up, until I quit collecting them sometime during my high school years.  I think at the time I was getting out of it because packs had gone to the $1 to $3 price range, with less cards in each pack.  Those were some good times though, and I still have many of them.  Boy, has card collecting ever changed since those days....I couldn't believe this article:

Card Collector Strikes It Rich

Remember when they used to put GUM in with the dang cards?
And you had to wipe the "gum dust" off of the first card?

Remember when Upper Deck didn't exist yet?
And Griffey, jr's Rookie Card was their best card?

Remember when you got your Topps Billy Ripken error card?  
The one with #$%^ on his bat handle?

I do... I'm old.


I remember all those things as well Jeff, those were good times though in card collecting.  I still remember when brands were just starting...the first "Upper Deck" cards in baseball...the Griffey Jr. was the highest price card at the time I think.  The "Pro Set" cards in football (if I am remembering the name right).  The Hoops and Skybox cards in basketball, I remember Skybox being a little more expensive.  I still have all of my b-ball cards, most of my football, and some of my baseball cards.  Simpler times back then, could buy a box of cards for like $20 to $35 depending on the cards.  And there were actually 10+ cards in a pack for awhile there.  Good times.  I remember the Billy Ripken "error" card too, had to laugh when I read that...forgot about that one.

Wayne Gretzky's rookie card, in the spokes of bikes they went. Who wood haf thunk!  

Damn. I was thrilled just to get a Nolan Ryan or Ricky Henderson card, and if I found the entire lineups for the Cubs and Indians in a year.

$100 a pack? Wooo.


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