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Summer colds.  

They suck, seriously.  I've had one for about two weeks now.  The Mrs. has it as well, but the kid thankfully has avoided it.  

It started like any other cold, scratchy throat, achy ears.  Then the runny nose came with itching.  Followed up by being plugged right up, hence the title of the thread.  It started getting better, but much like the Mrs.' cold, it then turned for the worse after about 8 days.  Now it's green and yellow everywhere.  I have boxes of kleenex all over the place and everyone on the phone is asking are you sick?  Duh.  

So, anyone else suffering with me?  Trade with me, I'll throw in a free virus ::)

I sometimes get allergy attacks that will last about a day.  I'm often baffled by how many times I can blow my nose and still get a solid snot rocket.  

Ohh, a summer cold. Lucky you.  :P

Sherry has a cold too & man is she sick, sore throat & coughing, hardly talk  ;D  snot all over. Green & yellow, yum.  Sounds like it's working its way through.  :-\

I had my share of colds during the winter & I don't want this one!

:( Morgbug is ill.

He may not make it.


I hope he does because he's supposed to send me some Canadian Cough Medicine

I hate summer colds, damn viruses, get well soon buddy :)


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