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Yup, pretty much nearly done the Vinty collection.  Waiting for a few pieces in the mail, need to get a Romba with a hood ::) (this piece will subsequently drop dramatically in price, once I do) and then the loose collection will be complete.  I only need to upgrade a few figures, maybe 5-6 to be happy.  Almost all of the weapons are present, but some that are missing are with the upgrades, so I'll buckle down and get the advertised C-9+++ ::) individual figures with the $4 shipping ::) and be done with it.  No more bargain hunting here.  

That leaves me wanting something new.  I'm still toying with the trilogo carded stuff, but know I won't ever finish that line thanks to a couple of extremely expensive pieces.  I've contemplated doing the first carded appearance schtick as well, but again, probably more $$$ than I want to part with.  

Vehicles are out - too big, too many and too expensive.  Also not keen at the moment on playsets due to space constraints.  Not sure what else there is that I want, so I'm thinking about the two smaller lines, Droids and yes, embarassing though it may be, Ewoks figures.  

So, difficulty?  Price?  Completeness?  Comments are all welcome.  

I'm not terribly worried about prototypes or unproduced second generation stuff, that's beyond my desire (I've never seen these shows even once :-[).  So who are the toughies in these lines?  Should I be expecting to part with considerable sums of money?  From scouring ebay, I've seen a fair number of the Droids common stuff come along, most of it carded surprisingly and relatively cheap.  Seems blasphemous to buy carded stuff to open, but some of those bubbles are so yellow they're almost brown.  

I've noticed that R2 and 3PO seem to be quite pricey and relatively rare on ebay, but the rest are rather more common.  Is this accurate?  

As far as the Ewoks go, I haven't a clue, largely due to my aversion to small furry cute movie ruining midgets.  I occasionally see some and lost a few auctions on them on the weekend, only because I wasn't around at the end.  No big, just curious to see the pricing, seemingly around $15 or so a piece.  

Help me ___, you're my only hope ::) :-*

Have you ever thought about collecting the POTF Coins? It is one hell of a challange espcially the Catagories IV & V coins there tough to find and will command some $$  but its worth it  :)

So now the Droids & Ewoks series. I'm in the same boat, I don't have all of them. In time I will but not a rush right now.

Lets take a look at what is in the series & my search on eBay for carded unless noted!  :P


Artoo-Detoo (R2-D2).  $100.
A-Wing Pilot.                $100.+
Boba Fett.                    $500. +
Jann Tosh.                    $35.
Jord Dusat.                   $40. +
Kea Moll.                       $30.
Kez-Iban.                      $45.
See-Threepio (C-3PO).  $125.
Sise Fromm.                   $200. +
Thall Joben.                    $25.
Tig Fromm.                     $125. +
Uncle Gundy.                  $100. +
Vlix.                                 $2,600.  Loose.  Carded...  :o


Dulok Scout.         $15.
Dulok Shaman.    $20.
King Gorneesh.    $15.
Logray.                 $70.
Ugrah Lady Gorneesh. $20.
Wicket W. Warrick.       $45.

You can find them loose but not many have there accessories. I may have missed something.   :-\

Yes, accessories are a biatch, to say the least.  That's kind of why I was thinking about carded, but hopefully lesser cards or bad bubbles or something like that.  

Vlix was and is out.

So what are the differences between the figures in this line versus the regular line.  Specifically:
Awing pilot vs awing pilot
Boba Fett vs Boba Fett

3PO and R2 are obvious to me, but these look pretty darn identical.  

The Droids Boba Fett & the A-Wing Pilot are identical to the regular line so not a biggy there unless you want to grab another Boba Fett & A-Wing Pilot to stand them all together in one happy family.   ;D


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