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New Darth Vader and Snowtrooper!

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So Hasbro finally put up a couple pictures of the new Vader and Snowtrooper figures this morning (oddly no Jedi Luke though).

That Vader looks pretty sweet!  I'm a little concerned over the "lightsaber throwing action" and what it will do to the (permanent) positioning of his arm though.  But the detail in his face is even better than the previous RH Vader, and it looks like he'll be able to hold his nicely detailed lightsaber with both hands (I think).  Not sure why his cape's got to be quite so "wind blown" though...

The Snowtrooper looks decent.  Nothing spectacular, and pretty similar to it's previous incarnations.  Can't say that I care at all for Hasbro decision to remove the two waistband utility pouches from the front of his uniform though!  Ugh.  I guess the functioning holster is a nice touch, though I'm not sure how authentic that is.  I'm assuming it's the same tri-pod cannon as before, which was already pretty good looking.

I like 'em...  :)  You can check out Hasbro's complete report here:

If Vader's arms, elbows (it looks like it) and shoulders (not so sure but hopefully) are articulated then he might one of the best figures ever. I really like the look of him.

The Snowtrooper is so so, not spectacular. They could have went a little further with the articulation but I'll still be getting some. The officer insignia, might detract a little from army building.

I am dissapointed there is no Luke pics, maybe later today as they do mention him in the article!

I agree. I like them, I want them.
Did you take a good look at Vader's head. He looks like he has Groucho Marx's eyebrows.  ;D

I think they will look very nice in my collection.  ;)

Vader is fanstastic. I'm really pleased that they've toned down the action feature enough that it doesn't look like it detracts from the pose and sculpt of the figure. He's a worthy successor to the original RH Vader, and has all the added tooling advancements from the Commtech Vader onewards. I've heard a lot of discussion about the original RHV being the greatest SW figure ever, but when you place him next those later Vaders, he has issues with height and head-size scale. This one seems to address that. He'll certainly be great for display.

Hopefully Jedi Luke will be equally as exciting!



--- Quote from: SilverZed3 on February 14, 2003, 05:07 PM ---Hopefully Jedi Luke will be equally as exciting!
--- End quote ---
Please no ugly action feature.  Please no ugly action feature.  Please no ugly action feature.

Mega articulation with some nice accessories would be MIGHTY nice...   :)

But I'm guessing that since he's supposedly the "dueling w/ Vader" version, we unfortunately won't be seeing a lot of the other cool stuff that we've been hoping for with this figure:  removable Endor poncho & helmet, interchangeable hands, skull & bone from Rancor pit, etc...  Bummer!


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