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Character Focus Collections
« on: October 6, 2004, 02:23 PM »
I thought I had come across a thread in the past that discussed this, but for some reason I can't find sorry if this is duplicate.  Although I know the majority of us collect the whole Star Wars world, I know that many people have some mighty impressive "specific character" sub-collections.  I just thought it would be neat to hear about/see your collections, or maybe if you are thinking about starting one.  With all the interesting sub-lines from Star Wars out there, it is tough to keep up with complete lines, so sometimes its a nice option to just limit it to one character that you enjoy.

I personally don't have anything extensive, but have always been interested in odd-ball things (and bought some extra figures to keep carded) of Han and Chewie.  I'm thinking about slowly starting a Chewbacca based collection, since aliens are sometimes a little more interesting, and plus, I just enjoy the wookiee :).  Anyways, does anyone have collections, pictures or ideas for collections that they would like to share....or maybe why you might like to focus on that particular character(s)?

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Re: Character Focus Collections
« Reply #1 on: October 6, 2004, 02:53 PM »
If it's a dup, it's a dup...  No worries.  :)  I doubt GNT comes in and can drudge one up from 2 years ago and lock yours, heh.

I have 2 focuses...  Well, 3 technically I guess.

Army building I consider somewhat of a "character focus", but I'll leave that at that...  I would likely buy any Fleet Trooper and tweak it no matter how sucky it is so that it is decent though.

My character focuses though are Tarkin and Bossk.

Tarkin is probably my favorite character in the films though, so I've kept his 12" figure, mini-bust, etc...  Bossk, well...  I like Trandoshans cuz they gets ALLLLLL da ladies.  Jockin' the Wookies and Slappin' the ho's, that's livin' Trandoshan style.

So I have some Bossk stuff...  As much as I can find anyway.  No Bossk bust though.  Should probably nab that.
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