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I have these mini figurines that my aunt and grandmother bought me for my birthday,but I have no idea what they are.The man they bought them from owned an antique shop and these were in his store on the shelf,but the man was going out of business,so they bought these figs that I had seen and really liked.These minis are about three times the size of normal action fleet and solid metal.I have a Darth Vader with plastic lightsaber in hand,R2-D2,C-3PO,Luke Bespin x2(these look like when he is hanging from the weathervane),Han Solo,Hoth Troopers x2(two different posses),and another Luke(this one is when he is hanging upside-down in the Wampa's cave).

Now my question is has anyone ever seen,heard,or do you even have them or information about them.I wish I could get a picture up,being that might help alot,but I don't have a camera.Is it possible that these are Action Fleet Mini Figs,cause I have no idea what they are.

Thomas Grey:
They are definitely not action fleet of any sort.

my guess is they are RPG miniatures. They ahve many different sets of these and they have figures from all different movies. Sounds like you got a few from several different sets. Don't take my word for it, but you might look further into the rpg miniature sets and see what you can find...

Sounds like you've come across some of the figures from Kenner's original Micro Collection line way back around 1983 during the Vintage era.  This was perhaps my all-time most favorite line that I've ever collected.  By far the best playsets ever made for any Star Wars figures.  Unfortunately the line never really took off, and fizzled out.  But none of these figures are very rare though, except perhaps the ones that came with the VHTF Millenium Falcon or Snowspeeder sets (which you might actually have there).  Perhaps tough to come by with a nice mint paint job still intact, but that's about it.  Check out this link at for a complete listing, with pictures, of the entire Kenner Micro Collection line:

I assume some of these pictures are of the figures that you've got...

Here's an example of some of the vehicles and sets that they came with:

Yes those are them. :) I'm glad I finally know what they are.

I have one of those too. Ithought it was a rare figure, so i stole it from my cousin. ;D ;D ;D


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