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Ok as some of you know I am having a problem with a seller. I posted the info in the vintage section. Well anyway Paypal close the case stating that the time limit of 30 has exceeded. I paid Dec 10 and filed the claim Jan 24. I know that 30  days are up but what really is pissing me off is the fact that this seller delayed me by emailing excusses until I was feed up, then proceeded to email saying the package was sent. Well guess what ,that ate up the 30 days so now because I beleived this person and waited for my package and until he would no longer email me. I am SOL.

 This is crap. If these sellers know the system they can esentally screw you with little or no consequencess. I am getting very frustrated with these auctions and internet payment sites. If they were not so convienent and fast I would say to hell with them all but you are kind of between a rock and a hard place.

 What else is there to be done to resolve these types of situations short of a baseball bat. I filed a claim with Ebay but the seller is no longer registered. He will not reply to emails. What is next sending a certified mail but that can always be ignored.

 I had to let that out. I am still pissed and I think I will give the A hole a call since the only good thing that I got from this was his adress and phone #

Sorry to hear that Sarge.  It always pains me when a fellow collector has been ripped off when buying, selling, or trading Star Wars stuff.  There's just some real dishonest jerks out there who will always be looking to con someone out of their hard earned dollars.

I've fortunately never been shafted on the boards or eBay yet (knock on wood), but have been pretty close several times.  I've never had to go through the Paypal claim routine, but if what you're saying is true, that's a completely assinine rule on the part of Paypal!  There are many auctions or deals that tend to drag out for one reason or another for quite a while, so for Paypal to invoke a 30 day limit on claims is absolutely LUDICROUS!

Other than sharing your pain, I wish there was something more that I could do or some advice I could give to rectify your situation, but unfortunately there is not.

The baseball bat idea might not be too bad of an idea though...   :)

Good luck.

I hear that MAc,
 I contacted Paypal and the were a little rude stating that that is their policy and they cannot make exceptions on an individual basis. That I know but a 30 day period
 is a little to short in my opinion and when you have email records backing up your claim that the delay occured and then he stopped emailing after the 30 days were up,that is a little
 to suspicious. I kindly asked them why the policy was the way it was when a seller can clearly read the rules, delay and then essentially walk away scot free. Their reply was it goes in there file. So what. I bought this thing off an auction where until this the seller had good feedback, on a small dollar item who is going to check paypal references as well. To me it seems silly. And hey the don't seem to kick a person off paypal to easily so they can just keep it up as long as paypal gets its cut.


I'm not sure if you saw this on RS.
Some seller on Ebay is a con artist.  >:(
The things we do to shut them down.  ;);f=1;t=007265

Please take note, Do Not bid on 0 feedback seller's. Always check the sellers feedback for problems regardless. If you are not sure about an auction you are interested in or it sounds like a good deal from the start, Please Ask members on the forums by posting a new thread in there respected sections. Someone will see your post & will be able to help you out.

There are to many scammers out there that are going to take your hard earned $$$$$$$ & rip you off.

Just a heads up for members here.  :)

For you again Chris.  ;)

Man...  That's about as bad and blatantly obvious as an eBay scammer can get!  Sheesh, absolutely disgusting.  Hopefully nobody gets screwed here, other than the seller of course.  Good job blowing the whistle on him Dale.  Keep up the fine eBay police work!   ;)


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