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--- Quote from: JediJman on March  5, 2014, 10:45 AM ---Since when do they take 10% off both the final value and the shipping charge? 
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Since March/April 2011.

Yeah, its pretty sad when you have to mark up shipping just to break even. 

Don't forget your PayPal fees as well.

I'm with you Justin.  If I can strike a deal off-line with people I do it every time, especially if I'm the seller.  It saves you a TON in fees.

Jesse James:
Thing with that is when I see marke up shipping I don't buy.  Even a pretty decent deal I walk away.  I'm sure I'm not alone there.   :-\

Yeah, I pay attention to shipping costs, too... and not just on ebay.  I used to work at a place where I shipped goods and I couldn't believe how much they were making on shipping... $3-6 on every order.  Not a lot but it adds up in the long run.

For the most part I won't "pay" for shipping on ebay. So if I would bid $x then I actually bid $x - shipping cost. Unless I really want it. So shipping cost stops me from bidding on a lot of things.


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