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Angry Ewok:
Me being an Ewok fan, how could I not be Angry (pun intended) that there has yet to be a DVD release of the Ewok Movies, or the Ewok (and Droids) cartoon series?! Do you guys think Lucas plans to put these out on DVD? I certainly hope so, and soon.

Chris Belle:
I hope so too.  I missed my chance to buy them on video a while ago.  A friend of mine who has a comics shop is looking into it for me.  He has a bunch of the old cartoon movies on video and DVD; Transformers: The Movie, Both G.I. Joe Movies and a few others.

As far as I know, they will wait until EPIII is made.
I was lucky to get a copy of both Ewok movies from a friend.
It would be nice to get them on DVD.
Let's hope that they do not come out with the Holiday Special.  ;)

Angry Ewok:
The Holiday Special is like Micheal Jackson, nobody wants to see "it".

I watched the Ewok movies awhile ago.
My opinion they are bad but hey, they were made for TV.
I still would get them on DVD though.  :)

I thought Michael Jackson was in The Planet Of The Apes.  ;D


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