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Action Fleet returning for Episode 3?


Snively Bandar:
I'm sure this must've been covered somewhere already and I just missed it, but was there any word at Comic Con or elsewhere, that Action Fleet would finally be making a return for Episode 3?  I hope so, since I'd really like them to revisit those last several OT ships/sets that they had on tap a long time ago, like the Death Star and Star Destroyer.  I'm going to be mighty pissed if those never get released, after they flaunted them in front of us at Toyfair a few years ago!   >:(

Honestly though, I could care less about any Ep. 3 Action Fleet ships.  I just figured if they restarted the line to put some of those out, my M.I.A. OT ones would have a better chance at seeing the light of day.

unfortunately I don't think Hasbro will make new AF for Ep.3. That would be great news but I passed the time I believed what they said. I need facts, words are not enough...

 8)That may be so, but I wouldn't hold out hope yet. It could change in the next few months as we get closer to the due date of the movies. From a business standpoint, I don't see why they wouldn't since they have been making them for all the other movies. Only time will tell.


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