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What is your favorite book or series.

 I will have to say that mine is the Zahn trilogy. It got me hooked on the novels. Now being the completist I am I am pursuing them all ;D  next will be all in HC

I also like that this was the intro of Mara Jade.

Angry Ewok:
Easily the Thrawn Series, they had something that has yet to be touched by any other SW's novels in my opinion... I must admit I'm a huge fan of the Rogue Squad books, I read some of them twice and I've got a record of reading one of them (Bacta War?) in 3 days... I never finished the series though, got tired of the Imperials wasting resources.

The reason why I like the Thrawn series is easy - Thrawn. Finally us fans of the bad guys had somebody to cheer for... In fact, when I'm done reading 'Heart of Darkness' (novel version of Apocalypse Now), I think I'll re-read the Thrawn trilogy again.

Here's a good question - Has anyone read the Star Wars trilogy? I've read TPM and AOTC 2 times each, I'm wondering what the OT books are like.

Brad have you read The Hand of Thrawn Duology yet?

 I have not at this point as I am making my way up the chain of events but I am hoping they will be as good as the trilogy.

I agree the Thrawn trilogy was very good. It was the first series I read and may have spoiled myself a bit but the other books are pretty good. I haven't hit a real bad one yet.


Angry Ewok:
I read the first of the duo, and havent touched the second yet. Its not bad, but not great.


--- Quote from: Reconsgt on February 24, 2003, 04:47 PM ---I haven't hit a real bad one yet.


--- End quote ---

You must not have read any of The Adventures of Lando Trilogy then. I have read many of the novels so far and enjoyed them all but these are the first books that I can honestly say are terrible. I somehow made it thru the first book, stopped shortly into the second book and will never read the third book. They are that bad.

But back on topic the Thrawn trilogy are my favs too. It's what got me hooked on the EU. I too am trying to complete a full set of all the novels. I believe I may have all the HC books so far(half are in storage so I'm still a little unsure if I'm missing 1 or 2) with their PB versions only if they include an ebook with it.  Actually I take that back, I am missing 1 of the 4 covers of the Ep 1 novel. I still need several PB books but with those so easily found in stores, they haven't been a high priority for me to get yet.

I also really enjoyed the Han Solo Trilogy. It was nice to see some backround history of Han and also how he and Chewbaccas relationship came to be. Good stuff.


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