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Conan to Replace Leno in 2009!!!! (UPDATE: Leno to Replace Conan in 2010!!!!)

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Darth Broem:
I don't mind Leno but then again I usually don't watch these late night shows often.  Ok, rarely if ever.  All I know is I don't care much for Letterman.  Conan is ok I suppose.   Plenty of Irish redhead jokes to siphon from. 

While I like this announcement, Leno is a tad bit underrated. His opening Monologue and second segment are always funny. Then he just turns into "Meh" after that.

If they could combine Leno's first two segments with Conan's show...

And what will happen with Eubanks and the band?

Anyone watch Conan tonight?  Lucas is going to be on in like 5 minutes...but he was just at ILM and did some pretty funny stuff on blue screen.

Jesse James:
Pretty funny stuff and the video at is good too, check out's front page if you want a link to that...

I liked his Q&A too.

The whole Conan replacing Leno is good news if it comes to fruition but I hear it's not gonna happen that way and Leno won't walk away from a cash cow like that and his ratings will almost guarantee an offer for him to stay.  If Conan remained the same though, I'd much rather see him at 11:30 than his current slot...  I have this odd feeling his show would change if he did get the Tonight show though for some reason.  Leno's just horrid to listen to and uses lifted material pretty much throughout his show.

I miss Johnny...  :-\


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