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Pittsburgh's "Steel City Con" Toy & Collectible Show

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Jesse James:
Looking forward to it too.  Bitner helped me get the reservations...  Should be fun!

Just hope I got enough seats incase extra wind up coming along.

It was good to see eveyone this year.  Was able to hit up BWW with the PSWCS (how's that for using abbreviations?) Had some fun and some trades landed me the following:

* Some more Topps Galactic Files cards and a little bit closer to completing the collection. 
* A gammorean Guard- Thanks Jesse!
* A VC ARC TRooper
* A Club Fett poster auto'd by the artist at the show.
* A Mon Mothma Celebration auto's 8X10 to add to the 8x10 autograph wall at home. (already had Caroline's auto on the fig and poster, jut not on an 8X10.

Show was pretty good as it usually has been. Was able to snag:

* Some carded VC figs (some unpunched) for $5ea. including the Luke Lightsaber deleted scene.
*  A few more LE Silver base Attactix figs.  Not really actively looking for them, but over the years I have been able to grab a bunch of the silver base variations, so if I happen to see any in the clearance bins, or boxes at shows and conventions, I'll grab them.  Got about 4 of them for $2 total, not bad.
* That's about it.  GF grabbed some misc SW and superhero figs for the kids for Xmas.

As far as what SW was at the show...the vintage is becoming scarce, and the little there rends to be pretty pricey.  one of the Ohio guys sets up shop every year and is about the only reasonably priced when it comes to vintage SW.

POTF2, POTJ, EPI...all in a lot less quantities.   Used to find a ton of these in clearance bins/boxes for $2-$3ea. carded.  Now it's more like $5 and up.  Loose you used to be able to grab most for $1-$2, now it's more like $3 or $4ea.  So the early modern is getting a bit tougher to spot, and the prices seem to be slowly creeping up on those.

The recently released modern is rediculously priced.  $40-$50 for some of the very HTF modern figs, not a ton of them available, but enought that they shouldn't be that much.  The latest VC wave wasn't all over the place like I thought it would be, but most from that wave were $14 and up, with a coupld going as high as $40.

All and all a great show, lots of fun, good seeing everyone...mission accomplished!

Dave Prowse is going to be signing at the April 5-7, 2013 Steel City con.  Details below:

I've seen him numerous times, and have a bunch of stuff autographed by him.  One thing to keep in mind, is that a lot of the original SW folks are getting up there in age.  You just never know when the last time will be that you can get an auto or one last photo op with some folks may be.

I bought a Deluxe Vader costume last month.  I may just bring the hemlmet and have hom sign it.

See you there!


Jesse James:

It's that time of year again...  Pittsburgh's Steel City Con returns on April 5th, 6th, & 7th!  Will you be attending?  Here's some details you'll want to check out!

First, the convention is located at the Monroeville Convention Center, which is located off the Pennsylvania Turnpike, and is minutes on the Parkway East from downtown Pittsburgh in Monroeville, PA.

The Monroeville Mall is the filming location for the original Dawn of the Dead, and is right beside the Monroeville Convention Center.  It's a nice little attraction for zombie film fans who maybe want to check it out too.

There are several convenient hotels in the vicinity!

If you're planning on attending, it's highly recommended you  Buy A 3-Day Pass Early, as it gets you early admission into the show, and you also get a goodie bag valued at more than the price of the early 3-day pass itself.  Hurry and order as time is running out!

Just today they announced the Goodie Bag included with the 3-Day pre-order includes a Star Wars figure too, so makes it more worth it for the SW fans.

The guest list is growing again, but two big names for fans of LFL...
Guest List:

* Dave Prowse&

* Karen Allen
Dave Prowse is back, and that's awesome but now Karen Allen's doing shows so the Indy fans are going to be happy too.  There will also be members of the 501st Garrison Carida on hand costuming and taking pictures with the fans!  They're also always taking Star Wars Toy Donations they'll hand out at children's hospitals throughout the year!

Likewise, members of the Pennsylvania Star Wars Collecting Society (including yours truly) will have a booth set up.  They'll be taking toy donations as well, and will also be selling their 2012 LFL sanctioned Charity Medallion at the show, which is for a very good cause.

The PSWCS membership always dine after the show.  Contact me privately either on here, or at, if you're interested in joining the dinner after the show, most likely Friday evening.  It's very close to the convention center so even if you're from out of town it's easy to get to!

Look forward to seeing you at another great Steel City Con![/list]

Jesse James:
Another fantastic Steel City Con is in the bag for me...  A smaller turnout for the PA group on Friday but obligations are what they are.

I managed ANOTHER ASP-7 Droid thanks to some keen eyes helping me out.  Otherwise, the steak would've ended.  whew.

A fun day though.  Got some good deals...  Didn't see a lot on Sunday I wanted, kinda was being extra cheap this show for some reason.

Sophia from Walking Dead had a huge line on Friday.  Good for her...  It was good to see Dave Prowse making the rounds.  I'm curious to see if the show lines up some of the Clone Wars cast or other Star Wars celebs going forward.  Indiana Jones actors would be nice to see more of too now that Karen Allen's doing that circuit.

Overall, as always, a great show with great people...  The longer hours are a mixed bag for many.  They don't really affect me, but I heard good/bad feelings from vendors.

James, you're the man, and always good to see you.  I need to get you a Vinty list of what I'm after asap, haha.  Amanaman is tops on that list though.


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