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Pittsburgh's "Steel City Con" Toy & Collectible Show

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I'm going, and I'll probnably suck it up, and pay the extra $5 ($10 total) to do the early bird entrance.

One of my "newer" areas I'd like to focus on will be Lego figures.  (I've stayed completely away from the Lego sets period up to this point, save for a few $1.99 sets I found on clearance).

I'd like t o get in, and do a quick run through to see if anyone has them in any clearance bins, or whatever I can find.  They aseem reasonably priced right now, and I just have a feeling this will be one of those quirky segments that will catch on as time goes by.

We may do the brews' afterwards. ;^)

Jesse James:
I've got a whole collection of Lego SW you can have for what I paid for it Bob, if you wanted. :P

Catch on or not, I don't have room for all these side-things I've bought over the years like MM's, Legos, etc.  Just too much stuff for too little room.

Just lookin for the Lego figures.  If you have them, I'll take em.

Jesse James:
Well, I do Bob, but I've got sets so I'm keeping that junk together.

I'll talk to you Saturday most likely...  Well, god willing I get this paper to where I'm content...  I'll likely just call you during the show this time so I'm not searching you out like last time, haha.

Good time!  ;D  No raspberry brew  >:(

I picked up a vintage loose Luke ST w/helmet (repro I think) and a vintage loose  Han/Carbonite ($100 for both)

Also an EPI  Gungan sub w/Obi-wan for $5!!!!! (NEVER saw that when they hit retail)

and about 22 old mags w/sw covers for about $20.  MAD, Lucasfilm Fan club, Starlogs, Pop Mechanics, etc.


* Animated Clone troopers going for about $12-$15
* Lots of ROTS Red&Blue Guards, clones (pilots, commanders, etc.) all going for about $15ea.  VERY few if any Mas Ammedas to be found-he's a heavy fig.  ;)
* Darth Taters $7.99(tons)
* Lots of vintage carded and loose.  A few store displays, but the store displays were freeaking rediculously high priced!!!!!!!!!!!!    :o



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