Author Topic: Questions on variations on Imp. Comm., ERG, Klaatu, and CC Pilot  (Read 1214 times)

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Hi All,

I've been in the process of finally getting my loose figure collection displayed in my Collection Room and was taking a look at various figures of which I had multiples and had some variation questions. I've already consulted Toysrgus, the Scum Vintage Archive and Kim Zoll's webshoots photo gallery, but they did not have all the answers I am looking for. Hopefully though someone will so I can more accurately document my collection database.

Imperial Commander: I have both the "Skinny" and "Round" head versions, of which I understand the Round head version w/o COO stamp is a TriLogo figure. My questions for the Round head version are, what country could the figure have been produced in and is the skin on the face painted or the actual color of the plastic the head was moulded in? That second question coincides with a question I have on the Skinny head version, I have 2 which appear to have paint applied to the face and another which appears to have the face color in the color of the plastic the head was moulded in, could this be correct?

Emperor's Royal Guard: I have 2 "Dark Red Helmet" w/o COO stamp ERGs (as opposed to the "Pale Red Helmet" w/ COO stamp), Kim Zoll's site indicates that these figures were produced in Taiwan, could they have been produced for the TriLogo cards?

Klaatu: I recall hearing that there is a variation where the face paint has a bluish hue to it, is this correct? I have a Klaatu which appears to have this bluish hue, but I'm wondering if that's a paint variation or just a reaction of the plastic over the years.

Cloud Car Pilot: I found two CCP's where the Copyright year stamp and COO stamp were on different legs. One had the year on the right leg with the COO on the left, the other had the stamps swapped. Is this an indication of a change in the figure, I didn't notice much difference between the two otherwise. I can't imagine Kenner would have gone thru the effort to modify the molds to change which leg each stamp was on.

Normally, I don't go off looking for variations except for the limb variations on the Klaatu as they intrigue me with all the possibilities, yet while putting up my figures, I found I actually had quite a few. If anyone has the answers to my questions that would be of great help.

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Re: Questions on variations on Imp. Comm., ERG, Klaatu, and CC Pilot
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I had written you a long reponse to your questions on RS... only to lose the reply when Explorer crashed on my PC at work!!!  >:(

I've been interested in variants and their specific origins for quite some time.

Through a long process of research (figure - card comparison) I've been able to identify certain variations located on specific cardbacks. My working methodology (over a considerable period of time) has been pretty stringent too... allowing me to clearly identify Palitoy, Tri-logo, Macau and PBP variants found in Europe.

I've also a good grasp of which Taiwan, Lili Ledy and Hong Kong variants were usually only found in N.America! (There are a few too!)

ALL willl eventually be explained in detail when my website finally gets up & running!  ::)


I've just read your PM! I'll 'explain all' later!  ;)
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