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How many VOTC Stormtroopers are in your army?

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So far, I have 12 - got 6 online, found a few in stores and my wife also picked a few up.  It's a totally excellent figure, especially with a little black paint to touch up some needed areas on the mask.

How about you all?


I've got 3:  1 carded, 2 loose.

My carded one is hanging on the OTC Wall of Figures, the two loose ones are flanking my FF Rem Helmet Vader as he overlooks my Bounty Hunters.

I think I'll stick with 2 for now and hope for a cheaper re-release army builder pack or something.  $10 each is just too much IMHO for massive army-building.  Buying anything more than the 3 that I have will eat too much into my budget, and then I'd have to start passing things up. :(

In fact, even buying 3 figures for $30 is starting to get excessive in my book...  :-\


Mikey D:
1 and it's still carded.  Been debating whether to open these or not, I really like how they look on the cards (and this coming from someone who opens everything)


12 :)

Not sure right now.  I haven't had the chance to open stuff recently.  I probably have close to 10.


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