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Seller miyatoys has the first wave of the upcoming Star Wars Titanium Series up for bid on eBay!  This first wave includes the Falcon, a TIE Fighter, Slave 1, and an X-Wing. 

This planned exclusive line of die-cast classic Star Wars vehicles is set to debut next spring along side the Episode 3 preview figures and should retail for around $4.99 each. 

Details are still sketchy about wave 2, but look for future waves to branch out into Prequel vehicles as well!



Jesse James:
Hmmm, pretty interesting Jeff, and nice scoop there.

I really am not sure what to think about these.  It's a side line, and one I doubt I get into as I just don't have the room.  If I am gonna have "models" of the ships around I think I want plastic kits.

These are sorta cool in a micro-Machines kinda way, but a lotta people would rather see Action Fleet with new life breathed into it than a die-cast line.  At least that's what I've always gotten the impression of.

Jeff, are these just re-releases of Galoob's prior diecast line, from the mid/late 90's?  Or are these all new ships?  Looks like the former.

If they're re-releases, I'll be very excited if they wind up continuing this line, since it was cut off very prematurely the last time around, after only like 7-10 ships (don't recall).  I just remember there were two waves of them, and the second wave wound up being VERY hard to find, since I'm not sure if it ever even hit domestic retail.  I remember that second wave having Slave 1, Snowspeeder, A-Wing...  Cost me a few bucks to track all those down.

Here's hoping for more though, 'cause I loves me some diecast ships!   8)


--- Quote from: JediMAC on November  9, 2004, 06:52 PM ---Jeff, are these just re-releases of Galoob's prior diecast line, from the mid/late 90's? Or are these all new ships? Looks like the former.

--- End quote ---

Good eye!

They seem to be made from the same molds, so they will be very similar to the later 90s Die Cast Galoob versions, with the minor paint app variation you'd expect from a re-hash.

So, they will be very similar to that old galoob line, but different enough that most will pick them up for the packaging at least!


So let's see if I can remember this correctly, from the original go-round with Galoob:

Series 1 (1996):
Millenium Falcon
Star Destroyer
Sandcrawler (I remember this one peg warming somethin' fierce!)

Series 2 (1997):
Slave 1
Tie Bomber
Death Star

I think that was it, from what I recall....

Then, a couple years later, there were like 8 more Episode 1 die-cast vehicles made as well.

Definitely plenty more OT ships/vehicles that I'd love to see them do now as they hopefully continue on with this line beyond what they've already got molds for (like Vader's TIE, AT-AT, B-wing, TIE Interceptor, Bespin Cloud Car, Imperial Shuttle, etc).  If they just rehash the exact same ones, with nothing new, that'll suck, and suck hard.  But at least these should have some slightly upgraded paint apps I think...


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