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If I remember right wasn't the detatchable hand that  had the magnet on it the rare one? Is this still the case? I saw one at K-mart the other day and was just wondering. Thanks.


Yes, but this hardest to find variation is much more easily identifiable by it's "bloody stump".  There's still the magnet, which is actually a little hard to see, but on both sides of Luke's severed hand, there's red (blood) - that's the ticket!

But don't confuse the magnet/bloody stump version with the metal peg version, which was next in line to come out shortly after the original bloody stump version.  You can actually see a short, shiny, silver metal peg protruding from Luke's hand in this version.  This version is quite common.

Finally, there was the plastic pegged version.  Same as the previous one, except the shiny silver peg coming from the hand has been replaced by a flesh colored plastic peg.  Again, quite common and easy to find.

Some would argue a fourth version, with a charred hand, but I say this is more of an occasional paint application goof, and not an intentional running production change.

So just make sure you see some blood on his hand stump, and not a metal peg sticking out.  If you see red, with no pegs, YES - you've found the tough one and might want to snag it!  Good luck John, and let us know how it turns out...

Sorry for this,  if I had looked at the "Variants" thread I would have gotten my answer.


Thomas Grey:
Just to update...

Yet another Luke Bespin variation has appeared. The variation is that his stump arm is significantly straighter than the 90 degree angle it was bent at before. This is a new arm totally, and new sculpt and it is very late in the run that this occured, so it is quite rare. Keep your eyes peeled if you are a variation hunter. It could be a hot item.

that year magnet hand version was offered at Brian Toys

Good rendition of battle damged Luke


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