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Sale of the Century Update 11/17/02

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Thomas Grey:
The Ebay auction for the first 12 Star Wars figures on 12 figure back cards with bonus vinyl-caped Jawa and POTF Yak Face is still climbing. Last report had the highest bid at $8705 and since then it has climbed to $9100! This auction ends on Tuesday evening and there may be a mad rush toward the end. We'll wait and see and I will keep updating as the auction gets closer to being complete. For more information, see the news article titled "Sale of the Century!" on the main page.

I must say, that is alot of great figures in one package.
Though it would be better to break them up individually, than to sell in one bulk load. Not alot of people have that kind of $$$ to spend. There are collectors looking to complete there set's but only certain figures.

Out of the 14 figures he has, I have 2. Not much but at least I can get the ones I can afford one at a time.
It will be interesting to see how high it goes.  

$9300...still going!!!  :o

My wife would kill me if I ever started collecting carded figures but this would be the way to go because I think it would be cheaper to buy a lot than individual pieces

As I expected. It did not sell. High bid $9700.
I have the seller on my favorites incase he decides to break them up & sell individually.  ;)

Thomas Grey:
Thanks for getting the info out DSJ. I envy you for having even 1 carded vintage figure. The one thing I want to add is that it seems it was a legit  collection. If not, I'm sure the guy would've given it up for the $9700 offered. I agree that he would be wise to break them up, but I also think that he can get a good price for the collection if the right buyer steps in. Hopefully we'll see some of these items again as a set or as individual items for auction. The boost it has the potential to give the SW collectibles market would be a great thing for us all.


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