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Just polished off my second great transaction with the Canadian legend known as  Morgbug!  As smooth and enjoyable as I expected with Brent (aside from his incessant Celtics babble).  A total lack of creativity when it comes to him decorating his packages though...   :-\

Just don't let him sucker you in with all the little freebies he likes to include in his packages - especially if you're an obsessive compulsive completist!  Sheer marketing genius from this clever Canucklehead.  Of course, I gave him a very nice freebie in return...    ;D

Thanks B.  A pleasure as always...  (and no more bills in the box, I promise  ;))  Cheers!

Just finished part A of our deal and I it came in quite well.  It always a pleasure to deal with the man, the myth, legend, Brent Elliott!

Just recently recieved my end of yet another deal of ours (I've lost track already of how many) and it's still the same great experience in dealing with Brent. And already another trade is in the works (the guy is really looking out for me  ;))

Many thanks again for all your help.  ;D

Gotta give a BIG thanks to Brent for hooking me up with a very nice carded MOTDS 2-pack. Twas a great surprise when he told me he had acquired one for the sole purpose of trading it to me.  :o  Thanks again bud!!  ;D

Got a lickity split quick payment from Morgbug here!  Not even worth leaving feedback for this guy anymore though really, since the entire online collecting community already knows what a great trading/buying/selling reputation Brent has!  I guess I'll go ahead and contribute again anyways...

Brent's good.  Ho-hum...   (yawn)    :P


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