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Comic Jonathan Winters dies at 87

Also Peter Reveen, hypnotist popular with Maritime audiences, dead at 77

Peter was awesome, never laughed so must at his shows. So glad to be part of his stage show back on the last 70's when I got hypnotized in front of a sell out auditorium.  ;D

Richard LeParmentier, Admiral Motti himself, has passed away

 :( I never found his lack of faith disturbing.

Sad to hear of Richard's passing.  He was one of the first Star Wars actors I ever met.  And he was always a pleasure to meet, with genuine charm and humor.  One of my fondest memories of Celebration 2 was being in the autograph area and seeing Richard and William Hootkins (Porkins) banter back and forth.  Hootkins was ripping on LeParmentier, saying "Hey Richard, look at what they brought me to sign" as he held up a picture of LeParmentier as Motti.  And all the while Richard was shouting "Don't get into Hootkins' line"!  It was comical, but it was just one of those things I'll remember about him.  But moreso, he was very generous with his time and thoughts when it came to meeting and chatting with fans.



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