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A Song of Ice and Fire (Possible Spoilers, tread carefully)

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3 with #4 coming out in a couple of weeks :)

Wow! Its taken him awhile to write the 4th one.

I'll have to pick it up. I have the other 3 in hardcover, so I'll have to do the same with these. It always sucks when you've got half a series in hardcover and the other half in softcover. It makes them look kind of lame when they're displayed on the bookshelf.

I was reading that this series will be seven volumes long.

The story I read was that at first, it was to be 6 books, with the first 3 books making up one trilogy, then the next 3 finishing off the story with a second trilogy.  However, while writing book 4, it was leaked that about 5-10 years take place between the two trilogies.

There was such an outcry from fans, that George RR Martin decided to stop where he was in book 4 in order to go back and write book 3.5 (A Feast for Crows) to fill in the time gap between the two, thus adding a seventh book.  Apparently, this is why it has taken so long to get the fourth book (part 3.5) done.

Does that match up to what you've read/heard?  That's the problem with the internet, you can never be sure what you read at a fan-site is true or not...  :-\


Finished with A Clash of Kings last night and plan to start A Storm of Swords tonight or tomorrow time permitting...

Book 2 didn't seem to move the overall plot/storyline ahead very far, but a heck of a LOT of action takes place!   :o  All kinds of fighting and back-stabbing and politcal intrigue.  I've read two books now and I'm still a little perplexed as to the true goals of all the characters.

Very interested to pick up book three and learn a little more about Jon Snow and the Black...


Geez.  :-[

Haven't had much time for reading lately, but in the last week or so I started making a little time each night to plug away...

Up to page 801 in book 3, A Storm of Swords.

Definately more plot movement than the second book, and yet for each small bit of plot resolution we learn a bit more and more... seems like something much bigger is brewing and it isn't as simple as Fire = Lannister, Ice = Winterfell.

Good thing I stopped attaching myself to any major characters after the first book, as G.R.R.Martin has a fondness for offing anyone and everyone as he sees fit...  :'(



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