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A Song of Ice and Fire (Possible Spoilers, tread carefully)

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Agreed... 4 and 5 will likely comprise 3 seasons.  I don't remember what all happened in book 3 (they all kind of blend together for me), so I'm not sure if they'll do one season or two for it.

I am pretty sure HBO has already announced that book 3 would be two seasons.  I think they also said there would be a few extra minutes per episode as well.  I'm not sure if they said at what point in the book they would end season 3.


--- Quote from: EdSolo on January 10, 2013, 06:55 AM ---I don't think both books 4 and 5 would be split into two seasons.  I would think you could get away with either two or three seasons between those two books and I would think those seasons would be combinations of those two books.  Since they are concurrent stories, I don't think viewers would be happy not seeing certain characters for a whole season since they would only be in one book and not the other.

--- End quote ---

True.  I can't see the HBO showrunners having Tyrion disappear for that long of a stretch.

I don't know what it is but I just have a feeling The Winds of Winter will be announced 4 years from now someone will quote this post as it still isn't done

What are the chances of Prequel books to ASOIAF?  I think lots of people would love to read about Robert and Ned and the Targaryens

Martin does a really great job of giving some history of Westeros but there could be so much more, it doesn't even need to be written by Martin as the story is already fleshed out


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