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Where to start (comics)?

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I'm kinda interested in starting a collection of Star Wars comic books, but I don't have a clue where to start.  I saw that timeline on Dark Horse Comics' website (, but where did everyone here start?  What are the best series to begin with first?  Can you buy any of the series together to save on pricing?

Any suggestions are welcome!

Angry Ewok:
My apoligies for not responding earlier.  :-[

Definately a ton of good comics to try out, but I'd start with the TPB versions, simply because they are bound, easier to read, and while they won't be worth the same as the individual comics. Some day, the binds of those will wear out while you will still have your TPB. I won't stress my love for TPB too much.  ::)

The coolest comics in Star Wars are probably in different order from the ones you need to start with. I'd go in this order.

DarkHorse Star Wars Classics (Vintage) Volumes 1 through 5 (perhaps 6, not sure). This is a bound set of the entire series of Marvel comics first sold after ANH, roughly 1977 through 1986. They are around $40 per volume, but pretty awesome. I've bought the Volume w/ the ESB, Volume 3, I suggest you buy Volume 1... Note- The covers are identical, make sure you look on the bind for a black circle w/ the Volume #.

Dark Empire (1 & 2) -> Pretty awesome, if you buy the whole Cloned Emperor thing... It's a must have in any EU collection, I think.

Crimson Empire -> This is about the Emperor's Guards. It's pretty cool, one of my favorites.

Bounty Hunters -> Short stories of Aurra Sing, Boba Fett, Lando, etc... Cool.

Chewbacca -> Interesting backstory of Chewbacca, not a must buy but cool anyway.

Darth Maul -> Same as Chewbacca, its an interesting backstory.

Mikey D:
In addition to what Brad said, I would also recommend looking into TPBs of the Rogue Squandron comics.  The whole run should be out in TPB now (except the first arc, Rebel Opposition)

If you're into a sometimes humorous look at the Star Wars universer as told by different authors, I suggest also picking up Tales.  Its produced quarterly (issue 16 came out last week), but there are 2 or 3 TPBs out now that reprint the earlier works.  Some issues are not as good as others, but there a quite a few excellent stories in them.

I don't know if you're really into comic books at all, but the Clone Wars stories in Republic and accompanying one shots are excellent.  It might be worth it to add them to you're monthly list (if indeed you read comics)

Hope this helps  ;D

What's TPB?


--- Quote from: dustrho on March 25, 2003, 01:33 PM ---What's TPB?

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I think it stands for trade paperback.


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