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New 12" Luke, Yoda, Ewoks and Biker Scout

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Hasbro unleashed 5 new 12"ers on us this morning.

I love them all except that Luke, lightsaber slashing action ugh


I like them. Except Luke.  ::)
Those Ewoks are awesome. I know someone that will go nuts over them.  ;)
I never got the Biker Scout w/Speeder Bike so I am hyped up about him.
Yoda looks cool, though it does look like there making the large figures like the 3 3/4 scale with the accessories. First time I have seen a 12" figure with the Force lightning effect.

I think they all look great, but there's something that just doesn't look right.  Look closely at Yoda's cane.  It doesn't look anything like the cane he uses in any of the movies.

3 rd picture removed due to the content.  


Angry Ewok:
....I'm definately gonna pick up them Ewoks.... woah! Logray doesn't really look like Logray, and that can't be Teebo, as suggested on our main page, because Teebo has white stripes, wears a pig-head, and has a bundle of feathers to top. Either way, Ewoks are Ewoks....

These will be the first 12's in my collection.


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