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Leia Boushh & Carbonite Han

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Anyone get this set yet? I don't really like the way it looks from the pictures but haven't seen it in person yet. I like the original I have that came with the KB 3 pack.
Review anyone?

I don't collect the 12" line anymore, but just thought that I'd mention that I saw the new Saga 12" Leia Boushh and Han Carbonite 2-pack at a TRU yesterday.  It comes in a pretty small Saga box, with try me packaging for the Han Carbonite - which is really just an electronic slab (no Han figure).

Anyways, it's out now, so if you collect this line, start keeping your eyes peeled for it!

Dosen't look like I will see it up here. From the pictures I saw, it's not a big deal to me.

How much $ are they asking for it?

Seen  the set up close and personal, great for customizers when it goes on sale. Believe it was $39.99 or so.


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