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--- Quote from: JediMAC on November 30, 2004, 04:33 PM ---That sucks that Target just changed their mind and decided to pass on this line after all...
--- End quote ---

Or maybe not.   ;)

Looks like Target's in on these exclusives as well.  Odd that Walmart and Target would be sharing different exclusives from the same line of old ships, including a couple of the identical ships getting shared...  Or are they not the Diecast versions, and are instead just the old MicroMachine ones?  Hard to tell really...  I guess it's probably the latter, now that I think about it.

Are the figures from the former Micro Machine line, or what?  Actually, after scoping out the larger shots, they almost look like they're all new...   ???

Jedi Idej:
Well, looks line one line I won't be spending money on.

Are those Micro Machines? If so, I'm passing on them. I have all those in the upcoming line already.

Nope, I'm not going to be picking up this line ethier.

Jedi Idej:
I fiddled with the size of the images to get a sense of how big these could be and my best guess is the package is roughly 4" x 6".

The figures are 3/4", not including the puck-like stand. (I wonder if there's significance to the uniform stand other than to save costs in tooling or production should it be a separate piece the figure is later attached to.)

At this scale, most of the ships would indeed be the same size as existing mm vehicles, the exception being the landspeeder. The one pictured appears slightly bigger (and obviously without a seated Luke). It also looks like the sandcrawler has less detail, but that could just be due to the low resolution.

[update: 1/31/05]

Just caught this thread over at RS. Someone's attributing to SSG that the micro line consists of rehashes from the diecast/x-ray ships.

The sandcrawler in the picture certainly resembles the diecast version more closely than than it does the mm vehicle.

That's going to be one huge peg hole!


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