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#1 Who has one?
#2 Did you find it at retail, and if not how much did you pay???
#3 Did you open it?
#4 Are the figures different enough to warrant the $40+ they are going for on eBay???

I don't have this set, I have heard the Vader is perhaps the best Vader released to date, but is the Vader different enough from past Vaders???

Boba Binks:
I got my set when they first came out. I got it at Wal-Mart for $14.99 I believe. (Maybe $12.99)
As always, I open all of my Star Wars toys. It is a great set. Maul is ina nice stance with a removable blade from his saber.
Vader is in a good pose as well. He has his hand out a bit along with his lightsaber.
I really like the Maul.
Vader, well it is Vader, but a nicely done Vader.

I would recomend picking up this set if you can. But not for $40.00. That is kind of steep in my opinion. But since it has been awhile that this item came out, you may not have any choice but to pay that amount.

Chris Belle:
I was never even lucky enough to see this in the store. >:(

Never saw it at retail.  Got  2 of mine on the secondary market, and won one from Brians Toys.  Opened one, got one MOMC, and another autographed by David Prowse and Ray Park.

Never saw them ethier.  :(


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