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Angry Ewok:
A new "Clone Wars" Gunship is coming out sometime this year, and there's rumors that it will have more fire-power to it... I am happy with my Gunship, but I would love if the following changes/etc were made...

+ Cabin Size +
I HATE how small the cabin size is. I can barely fit my Clone Pilot in the cabin. Hopefully Hasbro will widen the holes a little bit.

+ Turrets +
I HATE the ball-turrets that come with the Clone Pilot. I'd like to see some turrets like what are on the Gunships wing, that is, clear with electronics and wires visible on the inside. I've seen some nice customs of a Clone in turret, but I doubt Hasbro would make a large turret as a pack-in.

+ Pack-In Clones +
I'm pretty sure the "Clone Wars" Gunship will come with 2 re-hased Clone Pilots along with their turrets... No changes to the figures or the turrets, of course.
What'd I'd like to see packed in is...

2 Clone Pilots (rehash)
2 turrets similar to wing turrets
1 Speeder Bike (rehash)
1 Clone Scout

How about you guys who are interested? What do you wanna see?

i'd would like too see it packed w/ a couple of Clone Troopers.

If the thing came with some pilots or even some plain white troopers that would be great.  Even better if the were not pre posed in the wierd stance

Also a redesigned turret ball like you mentioned would be a super addition.

I think that when Hasbro promises more fire power they might be adding electronic's, maybe it will make a few noises now **whoop d f'n do**.The gunship totally looks like it was originally supposed to come with electronics in the first place, or they just included a cool spot on the wings to stash pot :). I wouldn't hold my breath on the pack-in's.Come On Hasbro, please prove me wrong ::)

If it comes with pack in Clone Troopers and more cool features. I'll be definitely getting it. 8)


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