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darth vader bespin duel


does anyone have comparison pics of the hand variation on this fig? i have the open hand version and i am trying to acquire the closed / curled hand version but i have no idea what it looks like.

The ONLY person I've ever seen come up with a picture of that "supposed" variation is Aaron, over at

But I still say it's some type of production error, or funny angle of the hand in the bubble, or something like that, 'cause I've NEVER heard of (or seen) anyone else actually owning this figure.

It's a pretty convincing shot that Aaron has, but even though I chase most variants, this isn't one that I'm going after since I'm not entirely convinced that it was an actual running production change.  The only difference is that the fingers are slightly (but noticeably) more curled/clinched.

Not that I wouldn't mind owning one, however...   ;)

that year I saw a comparison at Brian toys web.

that Vader got decent body sculpt, although he is anh dressed.


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