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With the draft comming up shortly are you anticipating your team to grab the great pick or the big bust.

 I am hoping that the Pack picks up a couple needed position players but if the past drafts are any indication I will be left wondering what the hell were they thinking again. I like to watch the draft shows. How about the rest of you football fans?

 Also does any one draft pick ring out to you as the big losser? As a Pack fan I still remember passing on Barry Sanders to get Tony Manderich.  :'(

Saturday ranks right up there with me for all time time seriously is one of my favorite days of the year.  I am a sick, sick man!

ANyway the Vikes have the #7 pick this year and I am actually hoping they trade down unless Suggs is still available.  They need D-Line help and I am not totally sold on Kennedy from Penn State or CB Trufant out of Wash St.

Me and my buddies have 2 Mock Draft Games every year, the NBA Lottery one which is called the Scott E. Roth Memorial Cup for Excellence in Mock NBA Drafting) and the NFL Draft which is called the Esera Tuaolo Memorial Cup for Excellence in Mock NFL Drafting.  We actually have two little trophies that go around to each house and it resides there until the next year.  

Anyway here are my picks for the first 15:

#1 Cincy Carson Palmer
#2 Detroit Charles Rogers
#3 Houston Andre Johnson
#4 Chicago Dewayne Robertson
#5 Dallas Terrance Newman
#6 Arizona Terrell Suggs
#7 Minnesota Jimmy Kennedy
#8 Jacksonville Byron Leftwich
#9 Carolina Marcus Trufant
#10 Baltimore Kyle Boller
#11 Seattle Jordan Gross
#12 Saint Louis Boss Bailey
#13 New York Jets Kevin Williams
#14 New England Jonathan Sullivan
#15 San Diego Chris Kelsay

This year has a ton of DT's available, in fact up to 7 or 8 could go in the first round.  Which is amazing...should be fun!

Mikey D:
The Pats are looking to get an interior D lineman to plug the middle and move Seymour to DE (they're plan on playing a 3-4 this year).  Right now, the rumor is them giving up their two #1's to Chicago and draft fourth to get Robertson.  If that doesn't happen, I still feel they'll try to move up ahead of the Jets as I have a stinking suspicion that they'll try to pooch the Pats. (as the Pats did to them when they drafted Matt Light a few years back)

If they don't move up, hopefully Sullivan will be there at 14, who should work well with Seymour (both Georgia grads and Sullivan backed up Seymour while they were both there).  Look for the Pats to get a O lineman with the 19th pick.

I also heard rumors of Houston swapping (plus a few in subsquent rounds) with Cinncy to take Rogers at #1.  Both Houston and Detroit need a wide out to go with their young QB.  Cinncy would still be able to take Palmer at #3.  I think it would be advantageous for Cinncy to do this.  They move up higher in the second round, still get their #1 player and wouldn't  have to pay him #1 pick money.

See now that would make sense Mikey, at that is not Cincy's forte.  I guess they always would run the risk of someone then trading into #2 and taking Palmer away from them.

My hope is that someone will jump up into the top 6 and take Leftwich (Oakland?) before he goes at 8...that would mean Suggs or Newman would fall to Purple.  The right piece will for sure make them a NFC threat this year with their free agent signings on D and still potent O.  If Daunte can hold onto the ball, watch out NFL

OK now that the draft has came and went. Most teams already held a mini camp. Are you happy with the picks your teams made?

 This year I can honestly say that I wasn't wondering what the Pack was doing with their picks. I feel they picked up some pretty good talent. Hell any LB has to be better than Hardy Nickerson was last year for us..


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