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2003 Super Bowl!

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Who's gonna win?

I have said all along that Tampa was going to win...and now I'm torn

#1 Do I want JediMAC to get even more bragging rights (although the Raiders and Rams did abandon LA so that at least gives me some satisfaction)
#2 I hate Tampa, any old NFC Central foe I hate and that goes double for the Cheeseheads
#3 I actually like most of the guys on Oakland (except Romanowski he's a punk), Gannon, Rice (one of my all time favorites), Brown, Garner, Woodson and Woodson, Janikowski

I think Tampa's D is so good and the old addage, Defense wins Championships will hold true here, the final

Tampa Bay 24 Oakland 21

As much as I want the Raiders to win there is something about Tampa thats been a torn in my side and I think they have one more in them. So I think Tampa over the Raiders but I will be hoping that Tampa looses and looses badly.

Tampa 27

Raiders 21

Lakers (x3)...Angels...RAIDERS!!!

Oh yeah, you know it's coming!  The Black Hole is coming to swallow you whole!  Raiders all the way, maybe about 56-0.   ;D

I've been bragging for the past year about a couple of my teams, so what's one more, 'eh Scott?   ;)  If you promise to root for my boys, I promise to go easy on the bragging when we win.  Deal?  I thought so.   :)

It should be an interesting game, as far as the #1 offense vs. the #1 defense.  The old addage of "defense wins Championships", is usually true, but I believe we'll be seeing an exception this year...we better, or we'll have one unhappy JediMAC on our hands, and you guys don't want that, do you?  (don't answer that)

Besides, there's something to be said for playoff/Superbowl experience and veteran leadership as well, and the Raiders win that battle in a landslide!  Again, Raiders 56 Bucs 0.

OK, for real: Raiders 34 Bucs 24!

The Superbowl. Similar to our Grey Cup up here in Canada.
Though I don't watch American football, it look's like it's going to be a gooder.
I'll just watch it for the half time show.

At least Shania Twain won't be wearing a snow suit.  ;)  ;D

wel, it is coming to TV for the first time here :) so I have no clue :)


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