Author Topic: Famines Red Senate Security Guard Reveiw or FRSSGR!  (Read 1105 times)

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Famines Red Senate Security Guard Reveiw or FRSSGR!
« on: March 15, 2005, 09:40 PM »
Sporting 12 points of Articulation, this ROTS figure is pretty badass. First, dont let the package fool you. The mask the coolness of the figure with a red cloth burka. I almost didn't pick it up off the peg because of this, but I did, and I'm sure glad of it now. He comes with a Biker Scout style blaster, and a nice rifle styled blaster. The figure also comes complete with a piece of the Senate floor as a stand.

The figure:

The figure itself is cool in general. It's very articulated (12 points) and the paint aplication is pretty persistant, except on the right sholder of mine for some reason. I wont hold that against anything since it may just be mine. The cloak has to go. Period. It's well suited for display, but for play, it's like tossing a big floppy napkin over it. My cloak flares out like Supermans cape, and looks silly. This is my one nitpick. Once I popped off this guys head (ball joint) I removed the robe and checked out the sweet Carnor Jax inspired armor. Featurint tones of maroon, crimson, and grey, the figure beneith the robe is absolutley perfect. He has sholder pads, chest and ab armor, a crotch plate, and knee and shin guards. He looks really professional, and dressed to kill. He even has a nice little holster. His arms tke a bit getting used to when posing them, but when you do it's really easy. His head also turns quite well.

The Acessories:

First the tiny little blaster is a pain in the butt to keep track of durring play. I must have lost track of it 5 or 6 times already. It's made of some really hard plastic, so I bet it'll hurt when I step on it, inevitably. The blaster rifle he comes with is really really neat. It's painted silver and black, and has a strap on it, for sholdering it on break. I keep it sholdered on my guard because it helps releave the puffyness of the cloak, and makes it look more professional. When your in the buisness of security, it's best to look professional. It's made of very hard plastic, and mine isn't bent at all, like some I've seen on other sites. The base he comes with is just cool. If the other figures come with pieces to complete the floor, I will undoubtedly get them and make a neat little diorama with them. The best part about the base is that it's actually painted, and it looks like somthing that isn't garbage. Somthing that struck me as odd was that on the bottom, it says 2004 LFL Hasbro China. Maybe it's a rehash from a figure I don't have? Who knows.

Some things I noticed:

As I said, the cloak is a pain in the butt to make work on the figure, so it stays fluffy. I used one of Hasbros famous clear rubber bands, and scrunched his cloak into itself, and put it down near his ankles, and it makes it so much less noticable.

This trooper suffers from 'Noassatall' syndrome. He's got a flat round pelvis, with no booty. Baby does not have back at all.

He is a much more vibrant red than the Saga Guard.

Mine's armor has a crack in the chest area. I hope this was just a factory flaw, and not a spoler.  :P

All in all I recomend this guy, if you can find him.

Famine, out.

The picture kept, will remind me...