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For those that may have missed it on the main page last week, we've updated the JediDefender Image Database with some fantastic high-res loose and packaged photos of the Vintage Original Trilogy Collection figures.  Click on a figure below to access the Image Database Entry for that figure!

Nice work fellas (esp Jared!), I've been screwing around with my VOTC figures the past week or so and I've started to warm a little of Luke, Leia and Ben

The rest are actually passable versions, even R2 and 3PO.  I'd of preferred a SA 3PO and a better R2 but they work

Jesse James:
To me, that's the marketing campain shot of a lifetime that Hasbro SHOULD have been using.  Little vision there on their part.  That just looks kickass.

Way to go man. :)

Took me a bit to peek into this thread, but that overall pic is cool.  Nice work everyone on all of the images.  I agree with Scott, although I really liked this line overall from the start, the few figures I wasn't exactly crazy about (Luke, Ben) have grown on me more since then.  I'd say, aside from the posability, its mainly the head of 3PO that bothers me the most.  The rest of the figures (and paintjob) really aren't too bad...although the new ROTS one seems better.  I hope we see more figures of this VOTC-esque quality in the future.

Chewie is one of the better, I like Obi Wan but I'm a sucker for the character, Luke hmmm . . . .he still hasn't grown on me and neither did Leia, Yoda also. In this case I think that some of the soft goods got in the way of the articulation (and I LOVE soft goods). Love the Vader and Stormie of course.


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