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Do You Have Pets?

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I have 4 cat's. I only could find pictures of 2 of them. Here is my new addition.

This is Squirt:

This is Charlie:

Both are female.
Charlie is 18 years old.  

So what do you have for pet's?

I have my own personal AT-AT,eh..I mean a Great Dane. ;D

Angry Ewok:
A Cat named Tiger and a blue Parakeet named Dash Rendar

I have 4 cats: Kitten, Sandy, Patches and Smokey.  They are all babies.  And, they are extremely spoiled.   :)

I have 1 pet at the moment. Angel she is a 135lbd hybred wolf/shepard mix
 I have had her for 11 years. She is one of the best behaved and intelligent animals I have ever had.


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