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Women's Day Space Station Complete!

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Anyone ever think of building one of these, or something like one of these?

EDIT: I didn't really think about it when I made this post, but I should have noted that this image came from the Toys R Gus site, linked below. It wasn't my intention to leave this uncredited. If there are any objections from any side involved, I'll gladly remove the link. Just realized this, sorry.

Women's Day Space Station

I remember seeing that magazine as a six year old. We kept the magazine around for years, we even ordered the plans.

My dad didn't have a jig saw, or the ability to work with the acrylic, so he kept putting off making an attempt. At some point, my grandfather made something similar that became the foundation for all my SW ship landing needs.

Now I've got kids, and I'm wondering about making something like this that would give a "neutral" place (vs. a specific diorama location like Hoth, Dagobah, etc.) for all the ships and characters from both trilogies to have adventures.

So, what have you done or thought about doing along these lines?

It's called a shelf, and an immagination, lol.


P.S. I see that you have again procrastinated answering my question. :-*

I've always thought that looked very cool, and it reminded me more of Cloud City than anything else.

Someday I would love to be able to make something like that for a Coruscant playset.


Owen D:
When I was 7 or 8 back in 1981 my mother made me the Hoth playset from the later, Empire Strikes Back issue of Woman's Day. It was awesome but after a little while the styrofoam deteriorated so I made a larger version from the denser, blue type of styrofoam and I played with that for years. Now that I think of it was probably my first "custom". I should see if my parents ever took any pictures of either one. Owen D

Welcome Owen!

It's cool that your mom made you that.  Very, very cool.  If you have any pics of either one, it would be very cool to see them.

Have you ever considered making any custom playsets Owen?



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