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Hasbro Booth at CIII
« on: April 27, 2005, 01:17 PM »
Big thumbs up to the Hasbro booth.  Very nice PROFESSIONAL display area. 

Attacktix-luv these things(I'm digging the chromes right now have about a doz.), and I love the fact the kids were into them also.  Fun watching everyone playing this.

Miniatures- (not sure if it's technically Hasbro or not)  The bigger guys like the ATAT, ATST, Bantha etc. WOW!

CCG, have faded away for me, seemed like the CCG area was a shadow at the show.

Figs-Where to begin.  The M&M's are a must have for me! Love those guys, and excellent packaging.  500th Vader-once again neat idea with the chamber package.

Handouts were nice, poster, Attacktix from the Wal-Mart tent slaes, and Mini nautolan were nice little additions to the freebie bag.

Figs, just look great!  The Titanium series really looked good displayed under the lights, gace this a second thought and may go back and try and snag these..  (the exclusive gold Titanium exclusive with "Indianapolis 2005" on the side ROCKS!)

Very nicely done.  Only thing I was hoping for (and I probably just missed it) was last time they seemed to have more crowd interaction-molding figs, artists signing cards.  I enjoyed getting the Unleashed cardbacks signed in San Diego, was hoping for more of this type of stuff in Indy.  Those little touches are what make the whole experience "exclusive" in my opinion.

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Re: Hasbro Booth at CIII
« Reply #1 on: April 27, 2005, 07:01 PM »
Yeah, their booth/area was pretty well run, and nicely set up.  Plenty of items in the 4", 12", Unleashed, etc. range were on display, plus all the M & M, Galactic Heroes, and roleplaying items too.  I could've gone for a few more surprises beyond the 500th Vader and Evolutions sets, but that's OK.  Nice to see the Early Bird figures out too.

Good call on the massive Attacktix area.  Definitely got some folks hooked on those, I'm sure, especially with all the freebies they were tossing around of them.  The ROTS figure poster was very nice as well, and it seemed they came armed with PLENTY of them this time, as they usually run out of figure posters at other (previous) cons.  So kudos for still having plenty come late Sunday afternoon.

The minis are from WOTC, which is a subsidiary of Hasbro, so it's falls under the same family, basically.  Since I collect that line, I was amazed at the new Universe series they had on display there (with all the "huge" minis).  Great setup, plus a nice promo mini with card.

Plus, there were usually several Hasbro guys on hand all throughout the con to chat with, and run some feedback by, so that's a nice plus.  Not to mention the guy they had on the other side showing a rundown on the actual production process of the figures.  Good stuff!