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Does anyone here subscribe to the Official Star Wars Fact Files? I subscribed when they first started, and have managed to get every issues thus far, for the excpetion of one: issue #61. If you collect these, and have an extra, or if you live in the UK and can get an extra, could you please contact me? I'd hate for this to be the only issue I never get in my collection!

If you are unaware of what the Fact Files are, I'll tell you a little about them. Each issue is like a miniature magazine, about 10 pages, all loosely bound. Within each issue are seperately labeled pages. Ultimately, as you collect issues, you seperate all of the pages, and arrange them by category (Battles & Events, Characters, Planets & Locations, Weapons & Technology, Droids and Vehicles).  Included with the first and every 20th issue is a binder to store the Fact Files. Ultimately these will build one large continual guide of the Star Wars Universe.

I really wanted to collect these, and looked into it, but it just looked like it was going to be such a hassle since they're UK exclusives (aren't they?)...  I'm almost positive they didn't offer subscriptions here to the U.S., did they Adam?  Or perhaps the shipping was just way too high for me, I can't recall now.

Cool reference materials and collectibles for sure.  I might look into going after these again someday (outside of the subscription arena).  But for now, I'll just have to pass.  What does each issue run you Adam, and how do you get it sent out here?

I subscribed the same way a person in the UK would, just charged a lot more ;) I think it finally came out to $45.00 per every 12 issues after shipping. It was a huge hassle getting started, and it took me months before I was able to finally get into a groove where everything was arriving as it was supposed to. Im hoping the recently lost issue 61 isnt the start of a trend...

Didn't these just start up last year Adam?  What issue number are they up to now and how many issues to you get each time, and how often do you get them?

If they're already into the sixties (or beyond), at around $3.75 each shipped, that's already well over $200.  Ouch!

Yeah, I'll have to think about it...  Do you know what their official site address is?

I believe they started around late summer / early fall last year. I just go issue 63, and they are now coming (1 issue that is) about every other week or so. At first I was getting 10-12 issues while I caught up with everything I missed. I've heard a few different rumors about where they will end the series. Some say 75, some say one 100. Some say it will go on hiatus at 75, and conlude the series with 25 more issues covering Episode III after it comes out.

Here is their website:
The Official Star Wars Fact File


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