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Darth Maul: Would You Have Liked to See Him Survive to AOTC or Beyond?

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Dooku had the credibility/backstory of being a respected Jedi Master as well as a rich noble.  From a story standpoint it's more feasible for the Seperatists to follow Dooku as opposed to Darth Maul. 

Also, Darth Maul was outwardly Sith.  Dooku was publically regarded as a Jedi who had left the Jedi Order.  That adds to his respectability, despite him secretly being in league with the Sith.  That deception and the ensuing manipulation served the Sith cause far more than Darth Maul's martial skills.  Plus, Dooku's departure from the Jedi Order casts doubt on the status of the Jedi in the Republic.

The political machinations of the Prequel Trilogy are there, but they lie a little bit beneath the surface.

Jabba the Slug:
I've read snippets of the 'Wrath of Darth Maul' biography novel that pretty much is a tie-into for the future TCW episodes and these are the conclusions I can gather...

- Maul is a FALLEN Sith Lord. Dooku's the new Sith, so I guess this means Maul's been demoted (you gotta feel bad for the poor guy. Lost his lower half AND Sith title).

- It seems Maul has contracted a bad case of amnesia over the years. Should be interesting to see what his intentions are once he remembers who he was and what he wants to do with the galaxy.

- He has to die (and stay dead!) within this show. I could see him waging a second war, against the Jedi, within the Clone Wars, but this would mess with way too much canon. And besides, being that there's naturally no mention of him in ROTS and after, it's likely he won't make any long-term damage. I can't even see him lasting past Season 4 of the show, but who knows, why bring back Maul from the dead if you're going to feature him in the season finale only?


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